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Dear SU Drama Grads: Something for the recent alum and the not so recent:
We are coordinating a bit of an electronic matchmaking service for those in the biz (or not anymore) interested in pairing up with each other to establish a mentor/mentee relationship.  For the more established alum wishing to become a Mentor, this does not have to a one way relationship.  There is no guarantee which member of the pair will lead and which will follow.  The best Mentor/Mentee relationship is one in which both parties learn an grow from the other.  Whether it be "Youth & Enthusiasm" or "Age & Experience," both people bring something to the relationship.  We are trying to be helpful and put people together for advice, sharing and tips on all of the stuff we all have tried to grasp about this business and either failed, succeeded or just tried really hard to figure and can re-tell the story of what we learned...or didn't...

SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: INDICATE YOUR CURRENT MODE OF LIVING AND ANY THOUGHTS THAT YOU THINK WOULD HELP ME TO MATCH YOU UP...and keep in touch, let us know how your experience is enriching the world around us. 
Thanks so much, Charles Kirby (Design/Tech '92)

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