Gerard E. Moses - Scholarship Campaign

     On October 21, 2002 we kicked off the beginning of a scholarship campaign to create an endowed scholarship in the honor of Gerard E. Moses.  A beloved professor of over 30 years who recently retired from his full time active service at Syracuse University.  To set up this endowment, we must reach a goal of $50,000.  From this endowment, we would then start generating annual scholarship grants for Syracuse University Drama Students.
     We will be collecting donations over the next few years to reach our initial goal of $50,000 which is needed to establish this endowment.  If you would like to make an contribution to this scholarship campaign.  Please send SUDO a check that is clearly marked for the scholarship campaign.  Or you make make a secure donation online via the link to PayPal below, (no account needed, you may pay with a credit card).

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