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The Syracuse University Drama Organization's Seminar Series is our program to give alumni access to professionals in the industry. The seminars feature topics of concern to alumni in the freelance entertainment world. Some topics offer glimpses into sections of our business beyond the narrow scope of acting for the live stage, other topics touch on the 'business' of show business. But all of the seminars offer insights into the world of Entertainment which we have all pursued as our career.

Seminars are usually on Mondays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Lubin House, (11 East 61st Street, between Madison & 5th Ave).  Stay tuned for future seminars being scheduled.

If you have any questions, or have a suggested seminar topic, or are interested in helping to keep this program going, please contact us at

Enriching Your Support System Through Social Media And Face-To-Face
with Doug Shapiro (Music Theatre ’92), Career Coach with The Savvy Actor

This SUDO Seminar was held on December 6, 2010. A small but eagar crowd was supplied with numerous tips and guides to help them in their career paths. Doug was an excellant speaker who is very knowledgable on the topic of support systems and networking. Not only does he teach these idea to others, but is a living example that they work giving him a fruitful career in NYC as a performer and voiceover artist. Those that attended walked away with a weath of information and Doug even took time after the seminar was over to speak one-on-one with people and answer even more questions. Stay tuned for our next seminar coming soon.



Life Is A Cabaret - How to kick start acareer in cabaret performance
Casting Directors - How to know what they are looking for

Financial Planning - How to keep your financial life in order

Producing - So you want to put on a show… how do you get started?

Talent Agents - How to hire one and get them to work for you
The Business of Voiceovers - You've got the sound, but can you get a career?

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